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until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.
— Anatole France





Routine Primary Care

Just like we need physical checkups, so do our little furry children. Preventing disease or catching it in its early stages is far better for our pets, and less expensive, than treating it once it has had time to progress to a severe stage. Yearly exams will save you and your pet from unnecessary suffering and financial burdens. Assuming our pets will live into their early teens these exams can be vital, as a year is a long time in their lives. This routine includes:

  • Vaccinations
  • Nutrition
  • Parasite Control (fleas, mites, and heartworms)
  • Dental Health (looking for gum inflammation, excess tartar, tooth abnormalities or breakage)
  •  Ears and Eyes (discharge, redness, itching, or other irregularities)
  • Stomach, Intestines, and other Internal Organs (through stool, urine, and feeling the organs, looking for any abnormalities)
  •   Feet and Legs (limping, weakness, toenail problems, pads of their feet)
  •   Coat and skin (any hair loss, pigment changes, lumps, itchy spots, shedding, mats)


In dogs and cats gum disease is very common, and can be incredibly dangerous. Left untreated, it can lead to major problems like heart disease, liver problems, and kidney failure, and issues like irritated gums and tooth loss. Regular dental care is necessary for your pet’s health. The key to management of gum disease (for us humans as well!) is prevention.

The three main ways that you can help keep your pet healthy is through:

  • Annual dental cleanings
  • Twice-yearly dental exams and
  • Regular home care (like teeth brushing and dental treats)

Many pets, starting around middle age, also require profession scaling in addition to the normal plaque control.




Our skilled veterinarian, Dr. Jaffe, and well trained technicians can help with many different types of surgery! The most common surgeries done are:

Spaying and neutering -  Surgical sterilization will keep your pets from reproducing (resulting in fewer homeless animals,) helps calm them, and prevents cancer of the sexual organs. It also offers many health benefits to its recipients. 

Dental surgery - We perform a deep cleaning during annual dental visits to help keep infections from occurring, and if found, problematic teeth may need to be extracted to save the health of the surrounding teeth, gum tissue and the jawbone.  We also check for oral cancer, an aggressive form of cancer, that must be quickly and surgically removed. 

Cancer surgery - We can remove tumors from stomach cancer, liver cancer, cancer of the nasal cavity or eyelid, and, the most common, skin cancer, among others, and can perform a biopsy to check for malignancy.

Injuries - Fights,  bite wounds, encounters with automobiles, and other injuries may call for surgery, and open wounds may need to be closed with sutures to stop bleeding and prevent infection. 

Internal surgery - Internal problems such as swallowed foreign objects, tumors, and bladder stones may call for emergency surgery. 



Traveling can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, but you don't have to worry about your wether or not your pet is in a safe, clean, and comfortable environment! We offer a convenient solution. Our professional and amiable staff at Federal Animal Hospital would love to take care of your little furballs! If your pet have special needs, health issues, medication, or special diets we would be happy to make sure they get the best care! And with well trained kennel staff, technicians, and veterinarians, any medication and physical ailments will be well under our supervision. 


Radiology, also known as x-rays, will be able to show us  broken bones, bladder stones (shown on the right,) ingested foreign material, fluid accumulation, and other abnormalities. 



Our Veterinarians


Linda Lord Jaffe ~ Veterinarian/Owner (1998)

Born in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, Dr. Jaffe moved to Florida in 1988. She has a BS in Agriculture as well as a BS in Arts and Sciences from the University of Kentucky, and a DVM from Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1988.

She began working in the veterinary field in 1981. She was an associate for two different multi-doctor practices in Miami before purchasing Federal Animal Hospital in 1998 from Dr. James Kitzner who founded the practice in 1985, and moved into the current building in 1990.

Dr. Jaffe is married to Alan, a realtor with Colwell Banker, and has two children, Lauren and Victoria. Lauren is becoming a photographer, a skill that she developed from her mother, and Victoria is following the Medical School path at the University of Florida. Rounding out the family are three cats, Johnny Rocket, Willie, and Romeo. Dr. Jaffe finds little time for hobbies but still finds time to travel with her family every summer. 


Randi P. Cohen ~ Veterinarian (2003)

Dr. Cohen was born in Massaqua, New York. She moved to Florida in 1985. Dr. Cohen is married to Greg Cohen and has two beautiful daughters, Gabby and Samantha, and a son named Lucu. Her hobbies include running, playing soccer and tennis, but most of all spending time with her family (four- legged members included!) She has three dogs, Coby, Lucy, and Charlie. 
Upon receiving her DVM from the University of Florida in 2002, Dr. Cohen joined a large multi doctor hospital in Palm Beach County. There she gained extensive experience in many areas including surgery and emergency medicine. Dr. Cohen has been on staff here at Federal Animal Hospital since 2003, and has done relief work at other practices in Martin and Palm Beach Counties.



Our Team


Cristy Spittler ~ manager (1994)

Cristy was born in Omaha Nebraska and moved to Florida with her mother, brother and step father in 1983. She spent her summers working in the family grooming shop in Stuart and shortly after completing high school moved to Worcester Massachusetts to manage Daltons Cherrywood Kennel. A year and a half later, Cristy moved back to Florida and came to Federal Animal Hospital in June of 1994. 


                Karin ~ The Head Technician (2002)

Karin graduated from Essex Agricultural and Technology Institute with an associates degree in animal health technology, and has been a veterinary technician since 1996. Karin has two children and three pets, a rescued greyhound, a spoiled chihuahua, and her shadow of a cat. When not working, Karin's hobbies consist of lifting heavy things; she is a strongman and power lifter, and teaches bootcamp classes at her gym!



James ~ Technician (2011)


Jean ~ Kennel TechNician/Office Assistant (2014)

Jean is native Floridian. She graduated from Martin County High School, and studied Outdoor Recreation at Unity College in Maine. She has worked at Federal Animal Hospital on and off since 1997. She shares a home, in  Stuart, with her father, and three cats.


Bobby ~ Technician (2013)

Bobby was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and graduated from Cleveland State University in 2013 with a bachelor's degree in Environmental Sciences and Psychology. He then moved to Florida, happily trading in the snow for the warm water. He welcomed his first son, Grayson, on 4-21-17, and it was the best life changing moment he has ever had.



Jen ~ Technician/Reception (2007)

Jen worked as a pharmacy technician for about 20 years before she transferred into veterinary care. She likes to read and go spend time at the beach.


Deanna ~ Kennel Technician (2017)

Deana has worked with animals for over 30 years. In her free time she likes to make Jewelry and crochet.


Gio ~ Technician (2014)

Gio was born in Miami. He started his first job at an animal hospital at the age of 15. He enjoys cooking,  gardening, and often brings in food for the hospital staff.


Lauren ~ (2006)

Kobi ~ Reception (2019)




We do not always check our mail every day. If there is an emergency CALL us so we can best help you and your pets!


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